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Welcome post
michelel72 wrote in polyfandom_gen
Welcome to Polyfandom Gen!

This is a community to announce, rec, seek, or prompt GEN fanworks for any fandom. That's not because slash, het, 'ship, or other pairing/grouping fics are bad or inferior; they're not. But they generally have numerous communities, while gen works typically are fragmented among general-fandom or specific-genre comms. Sometimes you just want to find gen works!
What is gen? It doesn't just mean "no sex"; for the purposes of this comm, gen works do not focus on or devote particular attention to romantic or sexual pairings or groupings. Passing reference to relationships, however, is permitted. The distinction is often a judgment call; if in doubt, indicate the doubt in postings.
Announcements: New (or fairly recent, within reason) gen works may be announced. Do not post works here; post links to works. Please title the post in the format
NEW: [fandom]: [title], by [author/creator].
(For example: NEW: SGA: McKay's Theorem, by DrRodneyMcKay)
The following information must be included:
Title [Include the type of work in parentheses.]
Author or Creator or By [Required if posting for someone else; otherwise optional]
Warnings [The warnings from the work's headers; a note to see warnings at the work; the statement "Author/Creator does not use warnings"; or the statement "No warnings". Unless choosing "does not use warnings", any of the following content must be warned for: major character death; abuse in any form; non-con or dub-con, including by inference. Masked warnings (as instructed here) are permitted. Do not mask joke warnings.]
Pairings [If the story includes mention of or assumes any pairings or relationships, including canon ones, they must be indicated. Where applicable, the statement "Canon pairings" is sufficient, but detail is encouraged. For works for which the gen-ness is borderline, information about that judgment call goes here.]
Additional information, such as the genre (e.g. A & B friendship; h/c; angst; crack) or the summary, are always welcome. Wordcounts are love.

Recs: Any gen work may be recced. Please title the post in the format
REC: [fandom]: [title], by [author/creator]
(For example: REC: SGA: Refutation of McKay's Theorem, by SuperPigeon
Include the information required for "announcements". Also include why you're reccing the work. A brief illustrative snippet may also be included. If the rec includes multiple works, use cut tags.

Searches: Gen works may be sought. Please title the post in the format
SEARCH: [fandom]: [general description]
(For example: SEARCH: SGA: Kidfics / kid planets)
Include what you are looking for; if applicable, also include what you don't want. Avoid editorializing, please. Note that you can search for works in which a character is evil/incompetent/unprofessional, for example, but state only that, not your reasons why.

(Examples: "No Rodney, or Rodney in a minor role" is okay. "I hate Rodney, so nothing with him" is not okay; "There are too many Rodney stories already, so somebody else" is also not okay. "Seeking stories in which Rodney is proven wrong or professionally censured" is okay; "Rodney is a completely incompetent physicist/scientist/engineer/supervisor/Canadian/whatever, so I want stories that give him what he's got coming" is not okay.)

Prompts: (Hat-tip to frith_in_thorns for the idea!) Have a great idea that you'd like to see folks tackle in new works? Prompts for new gen works may be posted. Please title the post in the format
PROMPT: [general description]
(For example: PROMPT: Coffee shortage!)
As with searches, please try to stick to positive and neutral language within the post. Don't prompt for works attacking particular characters or character classes.
Post titles: Do not use HTML or LJ tags in post titles. That includes usernames — plaintext only, please. Do not post entries without titles.

Violations: Bashing (of characters, 'ships, actors, people, fandoms, fic types, orientations, religions, etc.) within community postings is not allowed. Deliberately misleading warnings, pairing/relationship info, or bashing info are not allowed. Non-gen works are not allowed. Violations are subject to required edits, post/comment deletion, and/or poster/commenter banning, at the mod's sole discretion.

Tagging: Tag all posts, if appropriate tags exist. Include the following:
Category (cat:new work; cat:rec; cat:search)
Work type (type:fic; type:vid; type:podfic; type:art; type:icons ...)
Fandom (fandom:chuck; fandom:sga; fandom:sg1; fandom:house; fandom:9; fandom:halo ...)

If the needed tags don't exist, add the tag "!tag request" and note in the posting what kind of tag or tags are needed. If you need a fandom tag, please include the standard acronym/initialism (if any).
For problems, questions, or complaints about possible violations, please contact a mod by PM.